B2B Framework


The CMP eB2B framework will provide members year-round opportunity for on-line connections for potential business development. While nothing replaces face-to-face communications for site visits and contract negotiations, the preliminary B2B experiences are an effective and efficient way of identifying and qualifying realistic procurement opportunity from both a suppliers’ and customer’s perspective.

The CMP eB2B system will be used to engage CMP Suppliers with Industry Group Cluster corporate members at DMSCA2019 and afterward. As a build-up to DMSCA2019, the system provides:

▪ Automated processing of request and responses between member suppliers and customers

▪ Determination of participation parameters such as date, times, and duration

▪ Agenda configuring and participant profiles (e.g. CMP Supplier Standard Metrics)

▪ Allowances for multiple participant profiles

▪ Pre-event interaction to share and determine information requirements

▪ Attendee notification and alerts regarding updates

▪ Preview supplier and customer profiles before confirmations