When suppliers compete on adding value to their customers’supply chains through performance differentiation, they both position themselves for competitive engagement and a potential source of supplier-enabled innovation.

Business Development

Vehicles for CMP Supplier business development include:

Innovation Discovery

Suppliers are a primary source of supply chain innovation.  Supplier development provides an accelerated path for the co-discovery of process and product innovation. As stated by Procurement Leaders, “Innovation sourcing requires aligned and linked customer-driven strategies between senior company executives, supply and strategic suppliers, which are in early development.”

As an industry leading supplier development system, the Corporate Mentoring Program (CMP) provides a solid foundation for:

  • Alignment of industry group segmented suppliers’ and customers’ performance- driven supply chain strategies
  • Collaboration between suppliers and customers and between corporate divisions that focus on meaningful implementation of suppliers’ supply chain performance and operational maturity improvements
  • Acceleration of opportunities for supplier value discovery and innovation