CMP Supplier Network Portal and App

CMP Supplier Performance Dashboards

CMP Supplier Performance Dashboards – Dashboards will provide corporate and supplier member:

Company Information:

  • Basic Contact Information
  • Industry Group Cluster (s)
  • Revenues
  • NAISC Codes
  • Commodity Descriptions
  • Supplier Type
  • Supply Chain Configuration
  • Foreign Trade Zone Status
  • Financial Information (permission-based)
  • Standard operational certifications

CMP Certification Levels:

  • Level 3: Supplier Continuously Improves Performance
  • Level 2: Supplier is Market/Supply Chain/Product Driven
  • Level 3: Supplier is Process Driven

Company Standard Metrics:

  • Pre-CMP Cross- Enterprise Operational Maturity Metrics (Developed by Industry Group Clusters)
  • Unique Supply Chain Performance Profiles (1-10)
  • Cross-Enterprise Operational Maturity
  • Sustainability (Carbon Footprint)

CMP Supplier App– An app will developed in late CY19 to provide suppliers with an on-demand ability to share its Standard Metrics in the field with customers and potential customers.