Intro To The Playbook

Large organizations know that they can create competitive advantage by leveraging the power of their supply chains where traditionally defined 1st and 2nd tier suppliers can constitute 80% of value.

They demand data-driven insights that give them information to uncover, understand, and address such supply chain challenges as:

  • Delivering products on time and with complete orders

  • Optimizing product portfolios and managing SKUs

  • Managing inventory to increase working capital

  • Managing supply chain costs

  • Creating supply chain resilience, and

  • Capturing supplier innovation

DMSCA’s System for developing suppliers is called the Corporate Mentoring Program (CMP). Suppliers methodically engage in the CMP through a Ten Step Engagement Playbook that addresses their Development, Digitalization, and Sustainability. The Playbook’s implementation is also based on collaboration between the Diverse Manufacturing Supply Chain Alliance (DMSCA Alliance) and the DMSCA Supplier Development Foundation (DMSCA Foundation)