Introduction: Standard Metrics are baseline industry group unique supply chain performance, cross-enterprise operational maturity, and sustainability metrics annually maintained by suppliers in the Corporate Mentoring Program (CMP) for monitoring and continuous improvement.

Performance Monitoring

CMP Supplier metrics include those for:

  • Unique Supply Chains Performance such as Perfect Order Fulfillment (POF); Order Fulfillment Cycle Times (OFCT); etc.
  • Cross-enterprise Operational Maturity such areas as Commitment to Continuous Improvement, Financial and Material Control, Quality Systems, etc.
  • Sustainability such as Carbon Emissions in tons CO2; Solid Waste Generated in tons or kg, % Recycled Waste etc.

In order to maintain certification and the right to use the applicable CMP Certification icon on their websites, CMP Suppliers must report Standard Metrics and attain certification on an annual basis.

Continuous Improvement Monitoring

Changes in suppliers’ Standard Metrics are used to document overall strategic improvements and ROI