Standard Metrics are baseline Unique Supply Chain performance metrics, Cross-enterprise Operational Maturity metrics, and Sustainability metrics used to share and communicate mitigated supply chain performance risk.

Standard Metric Development

▪ Unique Supply Chain performance metrics such metrics as RL 1.1 Perfect Order Fulfillment (POF), RS 1.1 Order Fulfillment Cycle Times (OFCT), etc.

▪ Cross-enterprise Maturity level metrics include those in such areas as Commitment to Continuous Improvement, Financial and Material Control, Quality Systems, etc.

▪ Sustainability Metrics include those such as Carbon Emissions in tons CO2; Solid Waste Generated in tons or kg, % Recycled Waste etc.

Performance Certification

Supplier performance certification is based on progressive engagement maturity in CMP implementation phases and are defined as follows:

Level 1 – Supplier is proactive in understanding and identifying applicable SCOR supply chain plan-source-make-delivery-return-enable processes and their performance attribute metrics: reliability, responsiveness, agility, cost, and asset management.

Level 2 – Supplier is Level 1 compliant and has a defined metric-driven unique supply chain strategy (ies) to measure and control supply chain performance and has a cross-enterprise operational improvement strategy that meets either customer and/or industry group performance requirements.

Level 3- Supplier is Level 2 compliant, is company driven, reports performance metrics on a quarterly basis, and continuously improves.