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As today's minorities become tomorrow majorities in the consumer driven Supply Chain, major Corporations know that their suppliers; their suppliers' workers; and the consumers in the communities where suppliers are located and the markets they serve are all their customers. They know that remaining globally competitive - increasing market share and avoiding market share lost - requires that they strategically realign their supply base to mirror the evolving consumer base.

They know too that the real competition is not one Corporation versus another, but between their respective Supply Chains - from the point of raw material production to the moment of consumer decision-making. They know that the higher the percentage of performance aligned suppliers, the lower their cost, the better their customer service, and higher their profits and, that the only meaningful criteria for supplier value in Supply Chains is their ability to add value to production, reduce cost of production, and to innovate.

Within this context, it is the vision of DMSCA to develop a Community of Practice (CoP) consisting of Suppliers and Customers committed to the implementation of a standard of Supplier Chain performance excellence called the Corporate Mentoring Program (CMP) and that engage in high value-added performance driven commerce.

To support the interest of our Corporate Members to identify, qualify, and retain mature and maturing diverse Manufacturing and Logistics Suppliers in strategically sourced global Supply Chains and to foster Supplier development and growth as partnered Supply Chain Organizations.

Guiding Principles:
DMSCA is a  Washington D.C. Based non-profit organization that serves its Members who share its interest in and commitment to a Community of Practice (CoP) centered on:
  • developing, creating, and training a viable diverse manufacturing supply base in national and global markets
  • increasing the supply, improving the quality, and reducing the cost of materials produced and/or delivered by diverse manufacturing and logistics suppliers by strengthening their economic competitiveness in the U.S. and and in global markets
  • fostering the retention, development, and creation of jobs provided through minority manufacturing and logistics suppliers in diverse communities
  • stimulating investment in diverse manufacturing and logistics suppliers' capabilities and capacities.

DMSCA is organized on the principle that diverse manufacturing and logistics suppliers have a special responsibility to lead the process of capital reinvestment in their local communities in order to gain economic independence and ultimately participate in the practice of philanthropy.

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