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Driving diverse manufacturing supplier digitalization and workforce readiness in Industry 4.0 Supply Networks

Who We Are:

Who We Support
  • Recognized by the World Economic Forum as a "New Champion", the DMSCA Supplier Development Foundation (DMSCA Foundation) is a 501 (c )3 non-profit organization affiliate of the Diverse Manufacturing Supply Chain Alliance (DMSCA) that collaboratively supports the development of small to mid-sized manufacturing (SMM) suppliers and workforce readiness in Industry 4.0 supply chains.

What We Do:

  • Develop diverse manufacturing and logistics suppliers’ (suppliers) capability improvement, digitization, and capacity expansion

  • Create jobs and foster economic development in impacted urban communities

  • Facilitate job placement and skills upgrade training for minority workers

  • Support the broad social justice and supplier development interest of corporate members of the allied Diverse Manufacturing Supply Chain Alliance (DMSCA members are shown in the below banner)

Who We Support:

A. Target Audiences for Job Retention, Creation, and Skills Upgrades:

  • SMM incumbent workforce with need for training and skills upgrading, and/or credentialing

  • Unemployed or underemployed with demonstrated support need that can support SMMs

  • HBCU Supply Chain Management and Industrial Engineering Student engagement, DMSCA Corporate Member and other large multinational enterprises (MNE) career development experiences and opportunities

B. Target Suppliers: Diverse Small-mid-size Manufacturers (SMMs)

  • Suppliers engaged in the DMSCA Corporate Mentoring Program (CMP) supplier development system

  • Suppliers that demonstrate how they

  • Improve manufacturing, production capacity, and digitalization

  • Foster job creation and workforce training opportunity

  • Contribute to the overall diverse community economic development impact

Our Projects:

  • Support for DMSCA Foundation HR resource development

  • SMM operational and workforce throughput assessments

  • SMM operational digitalization and advance manufacturing training and credentialing

  • Collaboration w/Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and other Minority Institutions (MIs) to support work experience and career development

  • SMM capacity expansion

Get Involved:

A. Funding Goal:

  • The DMSCA CY22 Fund Raising Goal is $1.5 MM by December 31,2022 and $4.0 MM by December 31, 2023

B. Funding Sources:

  • Corporate Member Foundations

  • Non-Corporate Member Foundations

  • Government Grants and Contracts

  • Private Foundation Grants

  • Annual Fund Campaigns

  • Individual Contributions

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