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Corporate Mentoring Program
The CMP is an integrated performance-driven supplier development and supply chain readiness system that prepares diverse suppliers for sustained supply engagement. This is accomplished by developing a Supply Chain Strategy to align processes and performance metrics with customers’ supply chain requirements, conducting performance benchmarking and gap analysis, scorecarding in supply chain performance and operational areas, conducting in-plant assessment and development in core business process areas, and providing performance transparency. Results are monitored via on-line performance dashboards and supply chain performance maturity certification.

Community of Practice
CMP Work Flow and Core Building Block
CMP System Education and Training Series
Supplier Qualification
Sponsorship and Fee Requirements
CMP Engagement Business Rules
Other Supplier Benefits

Community of Practice

The Corporate Mentoring Program’s (CMP) focus is on the development and implementation of a Supplier’s Supply Chain Strategy that both differentiates and certifies its supply chain competitiveness. Suppliers engage in a process that sequentially includes:

  • CMP 1.0 – CMP System Overview - Provides OVERVIEW of Supply Chain Strategy approach and Suppliers’ requirements for CMP 2.0 to CMP 5.0 engagement
  • CMP 2.0 – Organizational and Performance Benchmarking Readiness - Focused on Supply Chain STRATEGY development and supply chain DESIGN training including "how to" of collecting information and data for obtaining SCORcard and "what” do to with it once attained.
  • CMP 3.0 – Performance Benchmarking - Focused on MANAGEMENT of the performance data, collected after CMP 2.0 for the Suppliers independently obtains a SCORcard(s) for applicable Business Platforms. (One SCORcard™ is required)
  • CMP 4.0 – Analysis and Deployment - Focused on DEPLOYMENT of solutions based on SCORcard™ data, metric root cause analysis and determining best practice to address closure of performance gaps

  • CMP 5.0 – Development, Expansion and Continuous Improvement - Focused on process IMPROVEMENT and performance MONITORING and includes In-Plant/Facility Assessment and deployment of development, scorecards (including a Sustainability Scorecard), and Performance Dashboards

Supplier Qualification

Manufacturing and Logistics Suppliers, as delineated in Types of Suppliers/Process Configuration Combinations listed below may engage in the CMP as Member Sponsored Suppliers, Self-Enrolled Member Sponsored Suppliers or Self Enrolled At Large Suppliers.

Types of Suppliers/Process Configuration Combination

Production Type
Order to Build Mode
Original Equipment Manufacturer
Logistics and
Material Handling

Discrete fabrication/forming

Discrete assembly

Fabrication & assembly

Continuous process

Mill/roll processing

Batch process


Packaging plus batch or process

Other mixed mode
Make-to-Stock - The making of standard products and services

Make-to-Order - The making of standard or configurable products and services for unique customer orders. Customer orders determine what, how much and when to make. Customer orders can be traced throughout the Make process.

Engineer-to-Order - The making of pecialized products or services that are fully or partially designed and made based on the unique requirements and specifications of a particular customer order or contract. Customer orders and specifications can be traced throughout the Make
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)




CMP Supplier Sponsorship and Fee Requirement

  • Member Sponsored Supplier  (MSS)
    • Year 1 $7,500 fee paid by Corporate Member sponsor  (must complete CMP 4.0 in Year 1)
    • Year 2+: $3,500 fee paid by Corporate  Member with Supplier CMP 4.0 and 5.0 options/requirements
    • Year 3+: $1,500 for CMP 3.0 Executive SCORcard updating
    • Optional CMP 2.0 Customized on-site Education and Training at additional cost ($1,500 plus travel)

  • Self-Enrolled - Member Sponsored Supplier (SE-MSS)
    • Year 1: $7,500 fee paid by Supplier in first  year (must complete CMP 4.0 in Year 1)
    • Year 2+: $3,500 fee for SCORmark Performance Benchmarking
    • Year 3+: $1,500 fee for CMP3.0 Executive SCORcard updating
    • Optional CMP 2.0 Customized on-site Education and Training at additional cost ($1,500 plus travel/day)

  • Self-Enrolled - At-Large Supplier (SE- ALS) Self-Enrolled –At-Large Sponsored Suppliers may be identified by DMSCA but  must become  SE-MSS or MSS within one year. to continue in the CMP.
    • Year 1: $7,500 fee paid by Supplier in first year (must complete CMP 4.0 in Year 1)
    • Year 2+: $3,500 fee for CMP 3.0 Executive SCORmark Performance Benchmarking updating
    • Year 3+: $3,500 fee: Optional In-Plant Assessment/CMP Scorecard
    • Optional CMP 2.0 Customized  on-site Education and Training at additional cost ($1,500 plus travel/day)

CMP Engagement Business Rules

  • Rule 1: Term of Supplier Engagement
    • Upon engagement in the CMP System™, the expected enrollment of a CMP supplier is 2 years for completion and/or commencement of CMP 5.0 (In-Plant Assessment and Expansion).
    • Annual extensions beyond the two year enrollment period can be made by the sponsoring Corporate Member for up to two years if CMP 3.0 (Performance Benchmarking) has been completed.
    • CMP Suppliers that have not completed CMP 3.0 (Performance Benchmarking) within the first twelve months may only continue with approval its Corporate Sponsor.

  • Rule 2: Continuous Improvement
    • CMP Suppliers must commit to undertaking a CMP 3.0(Performance Benchmarking)SCORmark™ Performance Benchmarking each January or July after the first full year of enrollment as addressed in Section C.
    • CMP Suppliers must commit to maintaining its CMP 5.0 (Development, Expansion, and Continuous Improvement) CMP Operational Scorecards on a continuing basis

  • Rule 3: Supply Chain Performance Improvement
    • Suppliers that have completed CMP 2.0 (Performance Benchmarking Readiness) are classified as CMP Level One Suppliers
    • Suppliers that have completed CMP 3.0 (Performance Benchmarking) are classified as CMP Level Two Suppliers.
    • Suppliers that have completed the "Improvement” phase of CMP 5.0 (Development, Expansion, and Continuous Improvement, Peformance Maturation Assessment, and have reported 8 months of  Standard Process Critical Performance Maturity Metrics improvement are classified as CMP Level Three Suppliers
    A general statement of the meaning of Supply Chain Performance Certification Principles is provided below.

  • Rule 4: Performance Monitoring ROI
    Unless otherwise provided, CMP Suppliers commit to provide DMSCA Management with the information required for measuring CMP ROI is summarily described as follows:
    • % Increased sales (Network/Non Network)
    • % Improvement in Maturity Assessment
    • % improvement in SCOR Supply Chain Performance Metrics
    • % improvement in Sustainability/Green Metrics
    • # of performance aligned suppliers
    • % Inventory Reduction
    • Capital Avoidance
    • Labor – Material Savings
    • # Trained for New Jobs
    • # With Employees w/Skills Upgrade Training
    • # Jobs Created and Save

Other Supplier Benefits
  • Attendance to "Invitation Only” Annual Education and Training Conference

  • Performance Benchmarking of up to five Supply Chains per year

  • Access to Strategic Sourcing Bulletin Board, an electronic posting of sourcing opportunity listings by DMSCA corporate members to be made available in 2011.

  • Participation in one or more Industry Group Mini-Forum

  • Custom Sub-Page on DMSCA Web site

  • Access to CMP Supplier Group Page and Sub-Pages

  • Create /Join Supplier Type Discussion Groups

CMP Supplier Supply Chain Performance Principles

Trading Partners

  • Supplier knows and understands its Customers’ Supply Chain performance objectives

  • Supplier’s own suppliers understand its supply chain performance strategy

  • Supplier’s own suppliers are managed by its Supply Chain KPIs


  • Supplier’s competitive requirements are aligned to its customer’s cost-service strategies

  • Supplier’s organizational design is effective and efficient, with clear roles and responsibilities with decision being made at the appropriate levels

  • Supplier’s SCORmark™ measurements system (scorecard) is aligned to its customer’s supply chain metrics


  • Process goals have been established in alignment with competitive requirements

  • Processes are defined to SCOR Level 4 with RACI roles clear

  • Processes are being performed – Supply Chain Attribute process measures are being managed


  • Performance Dashboards are active and aligned to process requirements

  • Detailed solution design is derived from SCORmark™ and other process requirements

  • Business Process Area (BPA) technical performance requirements are being implemented and managed

Job Performers

  • Annual job performance goals are aligned to the organization

  • Job descriptions are complete and support RACI process roles

  • Job performance is being managed with development opportunities being identified as needed

Contact DMSCA to find out how your company can become a CMP Supplier, or sign up in our Online Store now.
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