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Who Can Become a DMSCA Corporate Member?

Corporate Membership Overview

Corporate Membership in DMSCA is open to organizations of all sizes that share an interest in diverse supplier development, performance risk mitigation, and readiness for strategically sourced global supply chains. These may include Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), large distributors and wholesalers, large suppliers, contract manufacturers, logistics (transportation and warehousing) providers, service providers, economic development organizations, and others that participate in and/or support the end-to-end supply chain - from the supplier’s supplier to the customer’s customer.

Corporate Members have full access to the CMP Network, the on-line community for organizations that subscribe to the CMP as its supplier development model and for DMSCA Strategic Partners who work together to

access new value-added suppliers

develop existing supplier capabilities

solve supplier development problems

leverage best practices

standardize supplier improvement practices

save time in supplier sourcing qualification

DMSCA Corporate Membership Categories

Executive Corporate Member (ECM)

The primary Executive Corporate Member representatives are usually managers and executives whose function includes supplier diversity, supplier development, sourcing/procurement, quality, supply chain management, operations, logistics and customer relationship functions. Membership privileges are extended to any employee with the ECM organization who may be engaged with DMSCA programs. ECMs can directly sponsor suppliers into the Corporate Mentoring Program (CMP) and participate on both the DMSCA Executive Committee and the CMP Planning and Development Committee, are provided with customized Dashboard for monitoring supplier progression in the CMP, and enjoy all privileges of membership and participation in the CMP Network. ECMs have full access to all CMP Suppliers.

See more information, including other benefits on our Executive Corporate Member Benefits Page.

Join now as an Executive Corporate Member using DMSCA's secure Online Store.

General Corporate Member (GCM)

General Corporate Member benefits are the same as SCMs except for a position on the DMSCA Executive Committee and directly sponsoring suppliers in the CMP as part of their fee. Suppliers that are sponsored by GCMs must Self-Enroll in the Corporate Mentoring Program (CMP).

See more information, including other benefits on our General Corporate Member Benefits Page.

Join now as a General Corporate Member using DMSCA's secure Online Store.

Prime Supplier Corporate Member (PSCM)

A Prime Supplier Corporate Member must be invited into the CMP Network by a DMSCA Executive Corporate Member (ECM) or a General Corporate Member. PSCMs sponsor their diverse Suppliers to self-enroll into CMP and collaborate with its up-line DMSCA Corporate Member and DMSCA to align CMP Supplier Supply Chain performance and operational maturity requirements.

See more information, including other benefits on our Prime Supplier Corporate Member Benefits Page.

Assuming invite by DMSCA  Executive or General Corporate Member, join now as a Prime Supplier Corporate Member using DMSCA's secure Online Store.

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