The Diverse Manufacturing Supply Chain Alliance (DMSCA) is a Washington, D.C. area based nonprofit organization formed to provide direct development support to select mature and maturing manufacturing suppliers towards their achievement of operational excellence, sustained engagement and business development, and continuous improvement in industry group segmented digitized supply chains.

  • Our Supplier Development System: The Corporate Mentoring Program (CMP) is an industry leading APICS Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) driven model that supports supplier performance risk mitigation, fosters performance transparency, and drives supply chain competitive positioning and innovation discovery in Digital Supply Networks (DSNs)
  • Our Supplier Performance Certification: Based on progressive engagement in CMP, suppliers communicate to customers their readiness for sustained supply chain engagement at three distinct levels of operational maturity
  • Our Supplier Online  Dashboard: Beyond basic supplier relationship management and listings, Corporate Members have real time access to Suppliers’ Members’  performance metrics and continuous improvement trend data for procurement consideration

DMSCA works collaboratively with the DMSCA Supplier Development Foundation, a 501 (c)3 organization,  to support both supplier digitization and workforce training in Industry 4.0 driven Digital Supply Networks (SCNs).